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Lives at Risk

A Report on Documented Human Rights Violations and Abuses of LGBTIQ+ Persons in Uganda. A compilation by the Strategic Response Team - SRT Uganda

People’s COP23 Kenya

The Kenya People’s COP23 outlines community priorities for PEPFAR Kenya in FY24 and FY25.


Le COP23 du Peuple Haïtien décrit les priorités communautaires pour le PEPFAR en Haïti au cours de l'exercice FY24 et de l'exercice FY25.

People’s COP23 Malawi

The Malawi People’s COP23 outlines community priorities for PEPFAR Malawi in FY24 and FY25.

People’s COP23 Tanzania

The Tanzania People’s COP23 outlines community priorities for PEPFAR Tanzania in FY24 and FY25.

amfAR: Key Populations & KPIF Data Project

amfAR's Key Populations and KPIF Data Project developed to bring together data about how HIV programming for key populations are being prioritized (or not) by policy makers and decision makers.

Differentiated Service Delivery website

The International AIDS Society (IAS) website developed in collaboration with partners as compendium for tools and evidence endorsed for use by national HIV programmes and country implementing partners supported by the agencies engaged in its development.

HIV Policy Lab

The HIV Policy Lab online platform systematically gathers and monitors laws and policies adopted by countries around the world—documenting where key HIV science has been translated into policy.

White Paper: Community-led monitoring of health services

This paper reviews the concepts behind community-led monitoring of health services—a practice that combines systematic and routine data collection by communities with evidence-based advocacy to improve accountability, governance and quality of HIV and health services.