Pepfar Watch

Influencing and monitoring the world’s largest source of funding for the global HIV response where it matters most.

PEPFAR has the power to help deliver the end of the AIDS pandemic by 2030 if it is fully funded and if it is held accountable to community goals and priorities.

PEPFAR is required to engage with civil society in the planning and implementation of the program. But a seat at the table does not necessarily translate into meaningful input into the PEPFAR program. Only where activists have proactively used these opportunities to hold PEPFAR accountable — pushing the program to deliver on the transparency and access it has promised — has ‘engagement’ resulted in impact.

PEPFAR Watch turns engagement into meaningful impact

PEPFAR Watch works to ensure affected communities and civil society activists are authentically and meaningfully involved in the process in order to ensure that PEPFAR funding is used in accordance with community needs.


Clearly outlining key recommendations and demands

Clearly outlining key
recommendations and demands

Diving into the data and using it to strengthen our advocacy

Visiting & monitoring PEPFAR sites through community led monitoring

Engaging with PEPFAR before and
after COP planning meetings

Amplifying community voices